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Overview of  CPD Courses for Educators

Hatfield Christian Online School now offer CPD Courses for Educators in South Africa

Hatfield Christian Online School is passionate about good education. We are very encouraged by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) initiative of SACE as outlined in the “Integrated Strategic Framework for Teacher Education and Development in South Africa”.

In keeping with the objectives outlined in this document, we have developed Maths and Science Online CPD courses which focus on some of the topics taught in Grade 10 – 12 (as outlined by the CAPS document).

Diagnostic self-marking assessments have been built in to each course which gives each teacher instant feedback and assesses the learning that has taken place.

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How it works

Some of the more challenging topics in the Maths and Science CAPS curriculum from Grade 10 – 12 have been identified and developed into condensed courses for teachers in these subjects.

The courses include:

  • PowerPoint summaries which give teachers a good overview of the topic ahead.
  • Short videos which accurately introduce new concepts.
  • A progressive, yet concise explanation of the subject material.
  • Self-marking quizzes test the teachers’ understanding and ability to apply the information in a classroom. The quizzes provide instant feedback and appropriate correction if wrong answers are submitted.