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We’re Bridging the Future, Today.

Tomorrow’s challenges can’t be solved with yesterday’s thinking.

Technological advancements in every sphere of life, and the rapid rate at which it’s impacting the world means that the jobs our children will be filling in the future, probably haven’t even been created yet. In this dynamic environment, the right kind of education for your children becomes critical.

A giant leap forward towards the future is that Online School’s learners not only receive the right kind of education, but also leave with an Independent Exam Board accredited NSC matric qualification. This alone opens up a world of possibilities for your child, enabling them to become truly global citizens, actively building and participating in a global economy.

Your child needs the kind of education that surpasses, and escapes the confines of the traditional classroom. For parents, the prohibitive costs of private school education that is as inclusive as our offering, may be out of reach. Online School not only bridges the gap between the present and the future, but also the gap between a world-class education and affordability.

At Online School, our track record spans a decade. An exceptionally high pass rate, and a curriculum designed with a global culture of agility and technology, our learners are positioned as academic leaders. A high level of interaction between learner and teacher is established.  This means that your child never needs to feel alone, in front of a computer screen.

With individualised attention and specialist teaching staff, your child has the best chance at achieving success in a world that never stops changing.


The online system gives these students and their parents the freedom to log on from home and manage their own learning environments.

About Us

The Online School’s academic gravitas is firmly rooted in the exemplary educational tradition of Hatfield Christian School (HCS) in Pretoria. HCS has been successfully educating young South Africans since 1985. Committed to community and nation-building, our approach has always been to embrace a global culture of innovation, agility and access to learning through technology.

With Online School, we’ve taken learning into the digital world. The Internet of Things is an effective medium that we use to extend our student community to those outside Pretoria, as well as to those who cannot attend campus schools.

The online system offers freedom, independence and accountability – but in a safe and stress-free environment – their homes. Add to that the fact that your child is getting expert tuition from specialist teachers, and the online schooling option becomes a compelling alternative to the traditional classroom.

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